Cersei Lannister - Elie Saab Haute Couture fall 2013


Cersei Lannister - Elie Saab Haute Couture fall 2013

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Dolce and Gabbana s/s 2014


Dolce and Gabbana s/s 2014

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Requested by Anon: Harvey making himself at home in Mike’s apartment 

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"You think you’re the first lawyer to try to outsmart us?"

Look 19, Valentino F/W 2013 Couture

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"Now what do you really need, Michael?"

Mike takes a bite of the sandwich, chews and swallows, looks forward at the people walking by in front of them. “I told you…a time machine.”

"I didn’t think you were being serious. You know I don’t do that."

"Yeah…" Mike looks over at him. “But we both know you can."

"It’s not allowed. You know how much trouble I could get in if anyone found out we were even having this conversation.”

"But we both know you’re too good to be caught."

Benjamin looks at him, sighs. “Is this about your last case?”

"Harvey died, Benjamin."

"It happens. You know that."

Mike shakes his head firmly. “Not to him. It wasn’t supposed to happen to him. It’s my fault he’s dead.”

"Michael, there’s nothing you could’ve done. Agents aren’t supposed to interfere."

Mike looks forward. “Yeah. They make us get close, and then they force us to watch them die. But I can’t do it, not this time.” He looks over at Benjamin. “Not this time.”

He looks at him, sees the intensity in his eyes, and understands. He feels himself deflate. “You fell in love with him. And they made you watch him die.”

"Will you help me, Benjamin?"

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